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Florida Drug Charges And Penalties

Florida Drug Charges and Penalties

Florida drug charges and their penalties are complicated. Every drug carries a different punishment based on the amount, and what was done with the drug.

Your possible sentence depends on the answers to several questions:

  • What type of drug did you have?
  • How much did you have?
  • Was it simply in your possession?
  • Did you sell or deliver it to someone?

When Can You Be Charged With Trafficking?

Florida drug charges penalties are more severe based on amount. If you have too much of a drug, you may find yourself charged with drug trafficking. That does not mean you are Tony Montana from “Scarface” — it simply means you had enough of a drug to push you into the trafficking category. You can have it in your pocket or your house, with no intention to sell or give it to anyone. If you have too much, it’s trafficking.

Trafficking carries the harshest penalties, as in Florida trafficking is a first-degree felony. That means you can be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison. Worse, trafficking charges carry minimum mandatory penalties. That means if you are convicted, you must serve a certain minimum amount of time in prison. The minimum mandatory sentenced vary with the type and amount of drug, but range from three years all the way to 25 years.

Florida drug charges are even further complicated if you are charged in federal court. The punishments are much more severe and virtually always call for a lengthy prison sentence.

Contact Us For Expert Defense Against Florida Drug Charges

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