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What To Do If You Have Been Arrested

What To Do If You Have Been Arrested

What To Do If You Have Been Arrested, by Joe Bodiford

If law enforcement is questioning you, consider yourself a suspect. They do not have to identify you as a suspect, and they don’t even have to tell you they are suspicious of you. They want whatever information they can get from you. If that results in criminal charges immediately, or even much later, you are still responsible for every statement you make to the police.

You Have The Right To Remain Silent

Any time a law enforcement officer wants to speak to you, tell him you do not want to speak to anyone and call a criminal lawyer right away.

Remain silent. Do not give in to threats or promises. If they have enough evidence to arrest you without your statement, they will. If they only have your statements, you may have just given them the only evidence or reasonable suspicion they need to arrest you and prosecute you.

If you are arrested in Florida, you need aggressive, immediate representation. Invoke your right to remain silent, and immediately call Tallahassee criminal attorney Joe Bodiford: 850-222-4529. Tell your arresting officer and the booking officer at the jail that you wish to remain silent and want to contact your attorney immediately.

Talk To An Attorney ASAP

Before charges are even filed, you need an attorney to navigate the issues surrounding your arrest, get you out of jail and intervene with prosecutors. Early intervention can result in charges being reduced or not even filed.

You may have valuable information that can be useful to prosecutors. This may be the leverage you need to stop charges from being filed against you, in reducing charges and in getting you released. Don’t give this information away to law enforcement. Don’t give in to pressure to make a statement without speaking to a criminal defense lawyer.

Issues Surrounding Your Arrest

Were you coerced or induced to sign a document while in police custody? Were you threatened or convinced to make a statement without your attorney present? These are all dangerous issues that can strengthen the prosecution’s case against you.

You cannot always believe that law enforcement is acting in your best interests. They may make promises to entice you to give a statement and do not intend to ever help you. This is not illegal and is done regularly.

Get Expert Defense

Every arrest is unique. You need an attorney who can pinpoint the details of your arrest and determine whether it was even lawful. Often, police do not follow the correct protocol or even have the legal precedent to lawfully arrest you.

Make sure the attorney you hire is an expert in criminal trial law and can identify these issues immediately: it often makes the difference between freedom and jail.

Joe Bodiford is a board-certified specialist in criminal trial law. He has the experience and the expertise to find every issue and poke holes in the prosecution’s case. He will listen to the details, read the reports and understand all of the details surrounding your arrest. Arm yourself with an expert in criminal trial law to let prosecutors know you will not be “railroaded” and are prepared to go to trial if necessary.

We Are Here To Help

You likely have many questions about your arrest, your rights or how to respond to questioning by law enforcement. Get the answers you need at a free consultation. Call or text Bodiford Law, P.A., in Tallahassee at 850-222-4529 or send us an email. We will get started on your defense strategy right away.