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How We Defend Against Drug Charges

Drug Charge Defense Attorney

You need a great drug charge defense attorney. The defense of drug cases is a unique battle. It encompasses factual investigations, creative legal arguments and forensic testing. In drug cases, the witnesses are cops and snitches — a dangerous combination. At Bodiford Law, P.A., we defend clients accused of drug possession, trafficking, drug conspiracy and criminal forfeiture, to name a few.

Most drug cops are willing to do or say whatever they have to — not short of lying — to get an arrest and conviction. Snitches are either trying to get paid or work off their own arrest/conviction. Either way, both have something to gain and very little credibility.

Nonetheless, prosecutors and judges keep believing them. At Bodiford Law, P.A., as drug charge defense attorneys, we do not automatically believe cops or snitches; we work to try to figure out how to bring the truth into the case. We have no problem attacking the credibility of a cop or a “stool pigeon.”

Drug Charge Defense Attorney to Protect Your Constitutional Rights

Drug arrests almost always involve constitutional law issues. As your drug charge defense attorneys, we may investigate such question as:

  • Did the cops violate your Fourth Amendment right to be left alone, free from illegal searches and seizures?
  • Did the police illegally enter your home, car or business?
  • Was there a search warrant? If so, was it legally obtained? Was it legally executed?

Joe Bodiford is a master of cross examination – which wins cases. His unique cross examination skills uncover inconsistencies in the State’s case, flaws in the investigation, and credibility issues with law enforcement officers and “snithces”.

Motions to suppress evidence are generally required to fight such police illegalities. The lawyers at Bodiford Law, P.A., regularly challenge the legality of a drug arrest by filing and arguing creative and persuasive motions with current case law. We will never avoid filing a motion in order to preserve a relationship with a judge or prosecutor. Our clients always come first. No one should be forced to forego their constitutional right to challenge the evidence against them.

Cases Involving Drug Abuse

Finally, some of our clients do have drug abuse problems. Attorney Joe Bodiford lost his older brother, Tom, to drugs in the early ’90s. He has had several clients die because of drug overdoses in the last 15 years. As such, he knows firsthand the devastation drugs can cause to families. We regularly assist our clients in obtaining the evaluations and help they need to begin to lead drug-free lives. For more information, please visit www.drugfree.org.

Call Us If You Are Confronted By A Drug Cop

If you are confronted by law enforcement, tell them nothing. Ask for a lawyer and shut up. Do not pay attention to their threats. If you are going to be charged, it will be because of the evidence that they have. If they have evidence, they will charge you; if they don’t, they will not. Do not give them any additional evidence in the form of a statement, and contact us right away: call or text 850-222-4529. Or, use our handy online form to send us a message.

The Tallahassee criminal defense team at Bodiford Law, P.A., knows what it takes to get the best possible outcome for our clients. Led by criminal trial expert Joe Bodiford, our team uses up-to-the-minute legal research and the latest technology to defend you. Mr. Bodiford has defended thousands of drug charges in Florida and federal courts and is an expert at the investigation of drug cases from pre-arrest to trial.