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Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Understanding the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Below you will find a couple of Federal Sentencing Guidelines charts that I have created.  The first one is the Sentencing Table.  Based on the level of crime and a defendant’s criminal history, a range of months in prison is determined as the ultimate sentence.

The second chart gives an idea of the level of certain drug crimes.  The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are based on the type of drug and the amount possessed (or in a conspiracy, the foreseeable amount that was to be possessed).

There are quite a bit of variables that go into Federal Sentencing Guidelines calculations.  The actual United States Sentencing Guidelines can be found at the United States Sentencing Commission’s website.

The charts are copyrighted, and may not be used without the express written consent of Joe Bodiford.  No copyright claim is made to any government works.  Please visit eLEX Publishers for the most recent version of the guidelines chart, and the Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure.  Remember – that’s Joe’s legal publishing company.  Joe knows Federal criminal law.

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federal sentencing guidelines
federal sentencing

DISCLAIMER: Laws regarding sentencing are complicated and continually evolving and changing. Any person who uses or relies on the charts on this page must consult the current statutes, rules, cases, and U.S. Sentencing Guidelines before rendering advice regarding criminal sanctions for any particular case or defendant. The author specifically disclaims any liability or responsibility for erroneous advice or sentencings based upon any reliance or misuse of the charts on this page, including but not limited to omissions, typographical errors, or unintentional misstatements herein, and/or changes in the applicable laws, and/or the user’s failure to properly research, understand, and apply the proper Federal sentencing statutes, rules, and guidelines in any particular case.