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When Joe bought the office, he thought he’d name it “The Bodiford Building.”  Unbeknownst to him, someone else had long since claimed her queendom, and reigns supreme.

Miss Kitty is our black cat – she came with the building.  We say “our” cat, but she is quite clearly no one’s property!

Our friend Mary White, who has worked for many years taking care of several of Tallahassee’s feral cat colonies, has been feeding Miss Kitty at our office location for over 10 years.  Mary thinks Miss Kitty is at least 12 years old.  Mary explained that Miss Kitty is not a Manx; she was injured by a car many years ago, and her tail had to be amputated.  Miss Kitty doesn’t seem to let that slow her down at all.

Then there’s Eli.  We don’t know how old Eli is.  He came to Bodiford Law’s office plaza a couple of years ago from a different feral cat colony nearby.  Eli is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.  But, he’s quite handsome with his lion’s mane.  He likes to lounge on the curbs, eat, annoy Miss Kitty, eat, get an occasional petting, and eat.

These cats are fed by us every morning, and by Mary and her husband Joe every evening and on the weekends.  When it’s cold, they have shelters that keep them warm.  They pretty much have the run of the outside property, which is tucked back from the main road.

Our paralegal, Chris Rauh, adopted Henry from a nearby cat colony.  Henry now leads a life of luxury.