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Skilled Defense In Federal Cases

Federal Charges

Federal charges are very serious and can carry minimum sentencing requirements without the possibility of parole. Federal courts and laws are not the same as state laws and courts.

If you are charged with federal charges, it is critical that you have someone with federal court experience representing you as soon as possible. Attorney Joe Bodiford has been admitted to the federal courts in the Middle and Northern Districts of Florida, and our firm has the resources and experience to deal effectively with federal charges, agencies and prosecutors.

Types Of Federal Charges

A federal charge often involves charges dealing with actions on federal property, issues that deal with multiple states, or charges involving multiple defendants accused of working together in criminal activity, or a “conspiracy.” Federal charges can involve accusations of a crime that involve agencies such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Marshals Service, the IRS Criminal Investigation Department or the United States Postal Service. Federal agencies may bring charges against groups of individuals for drug crimes or white collar crimes such as money laundering

Federal criminal laws deal with:

  • Drug crimes
  • Federal property
  • Federal employees
  • Federal taxes
  • Receipt of federal benefits
  • Federally guaranteed civil rights
  • Crimes involving interstate commerce (transporting goods or individuals across state lines)
  • Medicare, Medicaid, student loans, mortgages, and the United States Postal Service (for example, it’s a federal crime to rob a U.S. Post Office or to assault a federal employee)

RICO Charges

At Bodiford Law, P.A., we represent many clients charged with crimes under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (the RICO Act). This act allows for the government to bring federal or state racketeering charges against a person involved in ongoing criminal organizational activity. Some of these criminal activities include murder, kidnapping, extortion, embezzlement, various kinds of fraud, bribery, counterfeiting and money laundering.

If you find yourself charged under RICO, the government probably feels it has a strong case against you. You need a heavy-hitting, aggressive attorney to start building your defense immediately, as the charges and penalties are severe and you cannot afford to wait.

Extensive Experience In Federal Courts

Joe Bodiford has spent much of his career in federal courts. He has handled countless federal cases, including drug charges, weapons charges, conspiracies to commit robbery and traffic drugs, “boat cases” (crimes that occur in international waters), extortion cases, marriage fraud, immigration fraud, Medicare fraud and many, many others.

Mr. Bodiford was a part of the defense team in the biggest Medicare fraud case in the history of the Federal Middle District of Florida, in which four executives of Columbia HCA were charged with Medicare fraud. The case was won at the 11th Circuit, where the court reversed the convictions based on a motion for new trial that Mr. Bodiford co-authored.

The U.S. Code for Federal Crimes (Title 18) contains its own processes. It’s important to have legal representation that is experienced and knowledgeable in this environment. Some of the specific areas we are experienced in include:

  • Working with the Department of Justice
  • Constitutional protections
  • Federal criminal procedure
  • Federal rules of evidence
  • Latest citations from all circuits
  • Complex pre- and post-trial issues

Act Today Against Federal Charges

If you have been contacted by a federal agency, seek legal counsel experienced in federal cases immediately. Federal agents are experienced in getting information; they are not concerned with your freedom, or innocence. They are trained to seek out any shred of information that could contribute to guilt, or involvement. You need the same kind of support on your side when you hire a RICO attorney.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a federal crime, or if you have received a “target letter” from the U.S. Government informing you that you are under investigation, do not hesitate. Call or text Bodiford Law, P.A., at 850-222-4529 today or send us a message online to get a free consultation.