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Rebekah Jones: search warrant documents

Rebekah Jones Search Warrant Documents

Read Rebekah Jones search warrant documents. FDLE’s affidavit, the warrant signed by Judge Hawkes, the judge’s duty log, the judicial assignments, and orders.

Below are the Rebekah Jones Search Warrant Documents: FDLE’s Application for the Search Warrant (December 3), the actual warrant (signed by Judge Joshua Hawkes December 3 at almost 6PM via e-warrant), the log where law enforcement shows warrant applications, “duty” assignment roster for judges during and after hours (to be available for emergencies) ,and Administrative Orders regarding assignment of judges in the Second Circuit.

Note, Judge Hawkes assumed his judicial position on November 5, 2020.  He was immediately assigned as a duty judge, per the duty log showing “Amended 11/23/20”.  As such, he was tasked to handle emergency matters (search warrants, domestic violence injunctions, etc) November 10 – 17 and again for December 1 – 8.  It does not appear that other judges re-appear in the duty rotation that frequently.  The November 23 amendment to the duty roster was after his first duty week, which could indicate he was put back into the duty rotation for early December.  It is understandable that Judge Morris, also a new judge, would appear on the duty list and be signing search warrants as a new judge, as she has 15 years of experience in criminal law.  Hawkes, however, appearing twice within a month, does not have any significant criminal law experience to my knowledge.  I am not certain that he has been to the judicial college as of yet (website indicates it takes place in January).

The Rebekah Jones Search Warrant Documents were obtained through a public record request.  Make of all this what you will.  This page does not make any judgment about the matters surrounding the issuance and execution of the search warrant (i.e. whether there was sufficient probable cause, whether the warrant was properly executed, etc).  This information is posted as a matter of public record and for the people of Florida to have quick access to information they otherwise may not know how to access.  Bodiford Law does not have any affiliation with Rebekah Jones or FDLE.

Warrant for 2540 Centerville Rd

Duty Judge Phone and First Appearance Schedule 2020, as of 23 November 2020

Warrant Request Log, redacted, 3-4 December 2020

County Judge Assignments, 14 December 2018

Second Circuit AO 2015-04, 30 June 2015

Second Circuit AO 2020-12, 7 May 2020